[BCAB] Inaccessible Security checks on websites

Yusuf Osman yusuf.osman at yusufosman.org.uk
Mon Mar 25 12:37:41 GMT 2019

Hi Clive, the ones I like are the ones that ask you a simple question like who is the Queen, or what is 1 + 1. Accessible and filter out bots.

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Hi all,


A sighted friend, in fact, the guy who built my PC, has just told me of a type of security check he has come across, which is a variation on the teme of the Captcha. Has anyone else seen this?


"Here are nine picturs of different objects. Click on the one that is a picture of a bus."


I've asked him to send specific links to any sites using novel security tests, which are as inaccessible as the CAPTCHA but which aren't the traditional 'type in the characters in this graphic". Perhaps we can then raise awareness of the fact that they exclude blind people. Has anyone come across any equally robust security checks, but which wouldn't create barriers to site visitors with vision impairments? I think it's always a good idea to give solutions when we flag up problems if we can.






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