[BCAB] Inaccessible Security checks on websites

Clive Lever clive.lever1955 at gmail.com
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At Kent County Council, Kent Rewards was the scheme through which members of
staff could get discounts on items in various shops in town - 10% off items
bought at Ernest Jones, and the like. They dabbled with the American site at
one time, tgiving the security check where you had to click on all the
images showing road signs, in order to prove you were not a robot, and
thence to register and claim your rewards. Sighted people found it so
difficult that the Council ditched the idea of using that software. Reasons
for difficulty were:

1. It was not clear whether the test knew the difference between a road sign
and a street sign - as I've said before, 'keep left' versus #'42nd Street'.
Secondly as the signs were American, British site visitors found it
unreasonably difficult to identify some of them as road signs.

Yes, if you find out who's perpetrating this type of security check, let me
know. I'll be happy to see what Leonie Watson, RNIB and Abilitynet have to
say about the practice. 


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Hi Clive,


As I said, I can't remember which website had the form of security check
we're discussing, but if I come across it again, I'll  send you the link
unless your sighted friend can provide it.


As to Road signs versus  street signs, I can't remember which type of signs
I had to pick from, but I think I could only accomplish the task because I
was using screen magnification at the time, if I hadn't had the screen
magnification, I don't think I would have managed the task.




Alexander Shannon 


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