[BCAB] Mixcloud issues

Paul Roberts anorack at ntlworld.com
Thu Mar 28 23:19:32 GMT 2019

Hi all,

Feeling hacked off with Mixcloud, as just before 10:30, I started listening
to a radio show which goes on Mixcloud every week and which I'd missed when
it went out on solar Radio the other Saturday.

Now, after around 20 minutes, the audio just stopped for no reason
whatsoever. This was a regular issue with Mixcloud a couple of years ago but
in recent times, things have improved.

What hasn't improved is the fact that a blind person can't skip through any
recordings on Mixcloud,a as the app is not fully accessible and so I've had
to start from the beginning again and given it's a two hour show, it's not
going to finish until around 1:10.

As I use and I-Phone 5S with IOS11, could anyone please tell me if there's a
way a blind person can navigate through any audio, in the event where you
have to start listening from the beginning, so you can quickly get to the
point where the audio stopped.

Also, does anyone know of an Email address I can write to, to alert Mixcloud
of the issues with their app.

IN 2019, it's bang out of order when we as Blind and visually impaired
people have to suffer because someone couldn't be bothered to make their app
user friendly to those who have to use screen readers and other assistive

When it works, Mixcloud is a great way to listen to many great uploads but
when it stops just like that and you can't get it to restart ,or you have to
go back to the very beginning, it's most frustrating and this needs sorting

Sighted people don't have to tolerate this, why should we!

Would be much appreciative of any help to my above points.



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