David Griffith daj.griffith at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 09:20:00 BST 2019

Yes I am also having problems.
In my case I am not even getting an error message the program is simply not loading after the messages.
In my case the last message is for an available update which did not go well for me so I reverted to an earlier version which was working OK last weekend.
I have checked Task Manager and there is no sign of TWBlue having loaded.
Restarting the computer has not resolved this.
David Griffith

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From: Jackie Brown
Sent: 02 October 2019 08:57
To: 'BCAB Discussion List'
Subject: [BCAB] TWBlue

Is anyone else experiencing problems in using TWBlue this morning?  It was
working perfectly for me yesterday at around 4.30, but after the 'We need
your help' screen, it gives me an error message that 'TWBlue has quit
unexpectedly.  If the problem persists, contact TWBlue', and I have to press
OK, then the program closes.  I've tried it on two machines with the same
result, so am just wondering if this is an issue others are experiencing?

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
Email: jackieannbrown62 at gmail.com

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