[BCAB] BBC skill

terry.clasper at btinternet.com terry.clasper at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 2 09:32:07 BST 2019

John apparently the BBC have retained support for sonos via tune in, for me
anyway, I can say
"Alexa, play (for example) BBC five live from tune in "and it works just
Conversely if I say "Alexa play BBC radio five live" it will then play
through itself via the BBC skill!

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hi all I can get the BBC skills to work but because my Sonos play ones do
not have Alexa built-in I cannot play BBC stations on my Sonos system unless
I do it from my phone I tried using the Google assistant but when it asks me
to login on the website it says it cannot connect far too fiddly I will wait
until Black Friday to make a decision to which way I shall go

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