[BCAB] for terry radio 2

Terry Clasper terry.clasper at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 2 10:30:35 BST 2019

You're absolutely right!
And I note now that five live doesn't work in the way I stated in my
previous message, contrary to the fact that it did yesterday, and the BBC
press release about continued support for sonos and tune in.
Very annoying and odd!
Trust the beeb to break something that was working perfectly well!

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hi terry,

if you put a radio next to you with radio 2 playing then say alexa play bbc
radio 2 from tunin on living room you will see that it does play and think
it is radio 2 but it isant it's some kind of old time music it's not radio 2

it's real strange i know. not sure what the heck it's doing 

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