[BCAB] talkback on the pixell 3a

Stephen Campbell ipswimmer at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 2 17:46:43 BST 2019

thanks a mill. I wonder how the pixel 3A stands up to the pixel three as it’s now £399 on the Google  store.

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Subject: [BCAB] talkback on the pixell 3a

hi there i would say using this phone with talkback is easey as good as ios if not better.

i must have a play around now i have the most up to date version on it. one example for reading magazines with zinio it works unlike ios.

the google assistant is getting much better as well and the dictation is loads better than ios. it's good to have both though but i am more than impressed with it. for the price £400 i have all i need audible satnav assistant good battery life and so much more

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