[BCAB] Problems with Gmail labels (mailboxes) in Apple mail on iPad and iPhone

Alex Scott-Samuel alexscottsamuel at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 19:23:13 BST 2019

I have just moved my default email to Gmail. I use an iPad and iPhone most of the time. Because I find the Gmail app user unfriendly, I have set Apple mail to act as the client for Gmail. However, even though my Gmail ‘labels‘ (i.e. mailboxes) work okay in the Gmail app and also on my PC, the equivalent mailboxes in Apple mail have not filled up with messages properly. 

So a label containing 500 messages in Gmail may only contain 100 messages when viewed through Apple mail. Is there a way I can ‘populate‘ the Gmail mailboxes when viewed through Apple mail? I’ve tried reinstalling Gmail within Apple mail but that didn’t do the job

thanks, Alex

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