[BCAB] trying to connect to my sonos

john gallagher john at pianotuner.plus.com
Thu Oct 3 11:08:09 BST 2019

hi all

jacky like you what ever i try it will not work. 

i tried even to go to sonos dot com and change my password there and then i tried it from the actual google home app 

when i entered my e-mail it clicked after each letter like it should do and i thought ah this will work now but again when i click loggin it goes ahead and i swipe to the right and it says 

oops cannot connect at this time try later. 

very very strange indeed again at the weekend i will have some sight wonder if it's worth trying it with be my eyes from my android phone and they should be able to see the screen on the i-phone eight. 

even with android 10 the same thing happens. it will not accept the loggin on the sonos website. 

i have just tuned an old irard grand and never thought to ask the customer to look at my screen but then again i am out of range to my sonos when doing the tuning. very very strange. 

are there actual speakers out there using alexa and google from the actual speaker 

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