[BCAB] trying to connect to my sonos

Jackie Brown jackieannbrown62 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 11:27:13 BST 2019

Hi John

Yes exactly, I tried changing my password too but met the same message once
I clicked on Continue.  I've tried doing this both within the Sonos app and
the Google Home app, but get the same message.  I've had it from the first
day Sonos announced Google integration so it's not new, I just haven't
resolved it.  The diagnostic report I sent to Sonos says all is as it should
be so my only option now I think is to go through the process without
VoiceOver and see if that cracks it.  If it doesn't I may be beaten, but
given a few of us have got exactly the same message, and we are all using
VoiceOver or TalkBack, I am wondering if it has something to do with the
log-in screen and TTS.  It's not a massive deal for me because I can use my
Google devices separately, and have Alexa finding Sonos anyway, but it's
annoying me that it doesn't work and I'm curious to know why.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
Email: jackieannbrown62 at gmail.com

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hi all

jacky like you what ever i try it will not work. 

i tried even to go to sonos dot com and change my password there and then i
tried it from the actual google home app 

when i entered my e-mail it clicked after each letter like it should do and
i thought ah this will work now but again when i click loggin it goes ahead
and i swipe to the right and it says 

oops cannot connect at this time try later. 

very very strange indeed again at the weekend i will have some sight wonder
if it's worth trying it with be my eyes from my android phone and they
should be able to see the screen on the i-phone eight. 

even with android 10 the same thing happens. it will not accept the loggin
on the sonos website. 

i have just tuned an old irard grand and never thought to ask the customer
to look at my screen but then again i am out of range to my sonos when doing
the tuning. very very strange. 

are there actual speakers out there using alexa and google from the actual

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