[BCAB] Rewinding audio with windows media player

David Bailes drbailes at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 10:35:07 BST 2019

Hi Husna,
concerning changing the playback speed in Windows media player. It has to
be said that Microsoft could have made this more convenient.
The windows media player windows has a number of "modes", and the contents
of the window vary depending what mode you're in.
The two modes of interest are Library and now playing. A window in one of
these modes contains a button to switch to the other mode. In
addition there are shortcuts to switch to the Library and Now playing
modes, and these are ctrl + 1, and ctrl + 3 respectively.
If you open windows media player using the context menu of an audio file,
then Windows media player opens in the now playing mode. Otherwise, I think
it opens in the library mode.

The reason for the above preamble, is that you only open the settings
window which allows you greater control over the playback speed, if windows
media player is in the now playing mode.
In this mode, open a context menu, open the Enhancements sub menu, and
choose play speed settings. A settings window opens. You can tab to a
slider which allows you to change the speed, using left and right arrows.
Note that the value of the slider is not the speed. A value of 23%
corresponds to a speed of 1.8. Once you have the speed you desire, you can
either close the settings window by pressing alt + f4, or you can press
alt + tab to move back to window media player's main window, leaving the
settings window open.



thanks for telling me about the shift +left arrow, that's the thing i was
looking for. also do you know of any way to speed up wmp to say 1.75 of
normal speed, because at the moment even when i press ctrlshft G it still
sounds sluggish. i usually have overdrive going at 1.75 x but all the recent
books from the RNIB are not available on overdrive, for those that are not
available on overdrive, i get the cds and use fs reader, unfortunately fs
reader 3 can't open some of the books that have been recently added such as
shadow of the fox, soul of the sword and holy sister, thus my questions
regarding windows media player.

thanks, Husna

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