[BCAB] Rewinding audio with windows media player

David Bailes drbailes at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 11:28:56 BST 2019

Hi Husna,

VLC is another media player, available here:


To jump forward and backward. These are the shortcuts for various
lengths of jump:

1. Very short, default 3 seconds, Shift + left or right arrow.

2. Short, default 10 seconds, Alt + left or right arrow.

3. Medium, default 60 seconds, Ctrl + left or right arrow.

4. Long, default 300 seconds, Ctrl + Alt + left or right arrow.

All the above default values can be changed in the advanced preferences.

To change the speed:

1. To decrease or increase the speed by a small amount, press Left
bracket or right bracket respectively.

2. To decrease or increase the speed by a larger amount, press Numpad
minus or Numpad plus respectively.

3. To set the speed to normal, press Equals.

All these speed changes are also available on the speed sub menu of
the playback menu.

A list of all the VLC shortcuts is available at this address:



original message:


what is VLC and Mp3DirectCut and can you listen to audio books with it? also
can you rewind and forward in small proportions easily and can you change
the speed of play?

thanks, Husna

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