[BCAB] Android advice.

Ian McNamara ianmcnamara92 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 11:33:09 BST 2019

Hello everyone,

Firstly sorry to send this to multiple lists, however I am looking for peoples views on android devices and thought multiple lists might give me a few options. I will however send each post separately so will not be cross posting.

I have recently started a job where my roll is to test websites, apps and digital platforms for accessibility. As part of my roll I have to use multiple screen reading software, browsers and platforms. So far I am able to use Windows Mac and IOS but currently not yet Android as I have not yet had training on how to use it as I have always had a preference for apple. My question is mainly about android devices in general, my employer will train me to use android as part of my development for my roll as it is one of the required platforms for testing, however as yet I don’t have an android device. I do have a braille note touch which I know is an android Tablet however I would rather have a spasiffic android device rather than one designed for the blind, plus I believe that the Braille note touch does not run the latest versions of android. 

My question is as follows, what would be a cheap and viable option for a totally blind person in regards to an android device. I am not really looking for a phone if possible as I already have an iPhone and don’t really wish to change over phones. I would be looking for more of a tablet device of some kind as I would only be looking to use it for testing for work and maybe if I get on with it for personal use sometimes.

Thanks very much for any help in advance.

Kind regards.

Ian Mcnamara 

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