[BCAB] Getting Jaws to Read Column or Row Headers in Excel

Vic Pereira vic.pereira at virn.ca
Sun Oct 6 17:29:52 BST 2019

Good day everyone

Although JFW does have a more comprehensive method to have Jaws read column
or row headers, I do find for my needs the older method requiring some
finger gymnastics works well. It is tied to the specific spreadsheet file,
but for me that is fine.

Here is what I do:

Open up the spreadsheet.
Place focus on the first cell of the row with the column headers.
Press shift+spacebar to select the entire row.
Press Jaws key+control+alt+C to set column headings to the selected row.

For row headings, replace shift+spacebard with control+spacebar.
Press Jaws key+control+alt+R to set row headings to the selected column.

It looks like the control key is used to select the entire column, because
both control and column start with the letter C in English.

This is not the suggested method when going through any recent JFW
tutorials, but it is simple enough for me to work very nicely. I also like
the fact that with workbooks that have multiple pages, I can have different
headings for each page, because many of the workbooks I have to keep
up-to-date at work have multiple pages that are setup differently.



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