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Ok as you say Sky uses VDSL through the phone socket and Virgin uses coax and the phone is not impacted.  As VDSL uses unused signals for voice calls, you need to ensure that you isolate equipment so that when the phone equipment is used, it doesn't interfere with the VDSL equipment.  The kit that does that is called a microfilter or an ADSL splitter.  There are two configurations for these:

1.  On the master socket that comes into the house you have 2 sockets, one for the regular phone line and one for the router to be plugged in.  The router can only be plugged into this socket.  The socket provides a central microfilter in the socket which is used for the phone socket and any connected extensionsWith this setup you don't need any further microfilters.  It is a better setup because the microfilter used is connected in-line with the master socket, so gives you faster Internet speeds, but is not all that common.  If you have this setup you can use TrueCall as normal.  You would plug the TrueCall into the phone socket or any extension socket, then plug the phone into the uplink socket on TrueCall.  Sorry if I got the terminology wrong here, I haven't used a TrueCall device before, but know how the general idea works.

2.  You use a standard master socket with one phone plug at the front.  in this situation the router can be plugged into any socket be that master socket or extension, but each phone you plug into an extension socket requires an ADSL microfilter to be installed, even if you don't have a router in the socket.  So given a house with a router in the office and a cordless telephone in the living room, you would need 2 microfilters.  In the case of TrueCall, you need to install TrueCall in the phone socket of the microfilter, and then plug your other phone into the uplink socket on TrueCall.  The router socket would not be used in this microfilter.  In the office, you would just use the router socket on the microfilter, assuming your cordless telephone was providing telephone services to connected wireless phones.

So bottom line is when using microfilters you need one in each socket that you have an active connection to.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Richard

@I get Sky phone service and internet at home and have had no such
experiences. I have the phone plugged into a secondary socket and router
is plugged into the primary socket(usually the one nearest where the
line enters the house).
You could be right with the phone through the router. It would be worth
testing the true call and phone in another wall socket.


On 06/10/2019 16:13, Richard Godfrey-McKay via Bcab wrote:
> Hi,
> We've just changed from Virgin to Sky, and I'm having difficulties in
> reinstalling Truecall.
> I'm not sure if the fact that the Sky phone service seems to be delivered
> through its router along with our internet may be relevant?
> If anyone has any ideas about this I'd be very glad to have them.
> All the best,
> Richard
> Richard Godfrey-McKay
> Telephone: 01738-445-880
> if you haven't called before you may be asked to identify yourself by the
> Truecall call screening service
> Mobile: 07791 452 593

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