[BCAB] Screen sharing with screen magnification

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgson.io
Mon Oct 7 12:41:00 BST 2019


If you find a way that works for you let me know as I would be interested.  I have had issues with this in the past and rely soley on speech if I need to do this.  I have tried the second screen approach but the sharing gets messed up and quite offen switches to the other screen so it isn't reliable.

One thing I have done in the past which does work reliably is to set up a VM and RDP onto the VM without using magnification software on the VM itself.  The magnification is then done on the host machine, and the screen sharing works reliably, all be it that you lose tracking facilities.  This only tends to work with some magnifiers (eg the MS magnifier), I think ZoomText used to stop magnification at the point you RDP onto the machine but can't remember now.

From: claire amoroso [kenmarekestrel at hotmail.com]
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To: bcab at lists.bcab.org.uk
Subject: [BCAB] Screen sharing with screen magnification

Hi everyone,
It was nice meeting some of you last weekend.
I may have to do some software training for clients at work via screen sharing, how does this work with screen magnification? I wouldn't wish for people to see my screen with magnification, high contrast etc. Would using 2 screens be preferable?
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