[BCAB] Problems with Gmail folders in Apple mail on iPad and iPhone

Ian Robinson ian228 at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Oct 7 15:12:53 BST 2019

Hi Alex,

In the settings app, go to Passwords and Accounts, then Gmail.  You might have a setting for "Mail Days To Sync".  By default it is probably set to one month.



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I have just moved my default email to Gmail. I use an iPad and iPhone most of the time. Because I find the Gmail app user unfriendly, I have set Apple mail to act as the client for Gmail. However, even though my Gmail ‘labels‘ (i.e. folders / mailboxes) work okay in the Gmail app and also on my PC, the equivalent mailboxes in Apple mail have not filled up with messages properly. 

So a label containing 500 messages in Gmail may only contain 100 messages when viewed through Apple mail. Is there a way I can ‘populate‘ the Gmail mailboxes when viewed through Apple mail? I’ve tried reinstalling Gmail within Apple mail but that didn’t do the job

thanks, Alex

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