[BCAB] NVDA Installation Frustration

Paul Benson paul.benson at guidemail.co.uk
Mon Oct 7 15:36:46 BST 2019

Hello all, 

An NVDA update kept failing with a message along the lines that a file cannot be overwritten, removed, or something to do with another open account must be shut down. 

The most recent attempt to install the update resulted in NVDA totally failing to work. 
I eventually resorted to removing the old 2015 NVDA and got the 2019.2.1 copy, but yet again the same error message appears as above when attempting installation. 
There is no response to the, Control - Alt - n, short cut, so I assume this means no other copy of NVDA is present on my laptop. 

I have NVDA successfully working on another laptop but it is not running, it has been given the Windows closedown, then the lid pushed down, but still the other laptop will not install NVDA. 

Please, any ideas? 

Paul Benson. 

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