[BCAB] android or chrome os on a desktop?

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgson.io
Wed Oct 9 10:17:51 BST 2019


I really don't know where your access issues are coming from, though yes you will need to sort out a new screen reader whatever happens if you want to upgrade to a new OS.

Any Android or ChromeOS you install would be open sourced builds and not official Google builds since Google only provide the builds for the official hardware.  Personally if you want to go down this route I would look at Ubuntu with the Gnome screen reader, but I think you will have a hard time.  Also if you don't have hardware to test this setup you are going to have issues with multi-boot or VMs and that can get complex.

Personally I would look at Windows 10 with NVDA.


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Subject: [BCAB] android or chrome os on a desktop?
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hello all,
am currently running win7 on my desktop machine, but seemingly support for this is going to end this coming january. 
not only do I not really want windows 10, as I have just heard so many stories of access issues with it, especially when it comes to those pesky ribbon menus, but as my current screenreader is window-eyes, that seemingly won't work with it as well. 
so if I have got to change both my os and screenreader, rather than the win10 rout, I wondered if there is any sort of android desktop machine? 
as at least having used that on my samsung phone, if there is, I thought that may be a better rout to go. 
if that's not possible, another option that I am considering, is something like chrome os, again, if I can find that on a desktop machine, so am wondering if anyone has had any experience of this with it's screenreader, and range of apps? 
as I have heard a few good things about this, but don't really know that much about it. 


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