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I'm glad that it was not heard by the Supreme Court, but I can understand
Dominoes stance.  There are lorry loads of ambulance-chaser style lawyers
popping up across America just to encourage disabled people to sue companies
who might be breaking the law out of ignorance of what is specifically
needed to make an app or website accessible.  They are calling for a
standard that organisations can use.  Oh, and it's not over yet.  Dominoes
are still going to fight it in lower courts.  Still, I doubt they will win.

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Thought some might find this of interest and encouraging!



Big Win for Digital Accessibility!

On October 7, 2019 the United States Supreme Court rejected Domino's request
that the court take up the issue of website and mobile accessibility.  This
is great news for all who care about digital inclusion and the rights of
disabled people to fully participate in the digital world.  

d&id=9f6ad741e7&e=3715cff890> My post about the Supreme Court announcement
is here.

With gratitude to everyone working to make the digital world accessible,

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