[BCAB] Horrible new iPhone keyboard behaviour

tim.pennick at btinternet.com tim.pennick at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 9 12:41:01 BST 2019

Hi All,


I was attempting to create a new contact for the first time since the
upgrade to iOS 13.  I discovered while trying to fill in the first and last
names field, that the behaviour of the keyboard has changed.  As I moved my
finger on the screen to locate the desired letter, VoiceOver started
offering me words rather than letters.  Lifting my finger from the H key,
inserted the word Hungry rather than the single letter H.


I have a feeling I read something about a new style of predictive word
completion, but I don't remember where, or what were the details.  If
anyone's already got this sorted out I'd be very grateful to know how they
did it, otherwise, if I find out, I'll pass it on to the list, as it makes
life much more difficult when attempting to enter text.


Regards to all,



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