[BCAB] USB Keyboards

Steve Green steve.green at testpartners.co.uk
Wed Oct 9 19:01:35 BST 2019

I recently bought a Logitech MK270 Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for around £20 but I have not used it yet. It's probably rather larger than you want though.

When I was choosing a model to buy, I was surprised at how different the layouts are on different models. On some keyboards the Enter key is tiny and on others some of the keys are not where you would expect them. These are all supposedly UK layouts, not foreign ones. To make things worse, the photos of the products sometimes were inconsistent so you did not know which was correct. Fortunately, the MK270 layout is exactly what I want.

Steve Green
Managing Director
Test Partners Ltd

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Hi Everyone

Can anyone recommend a USB keyboard? I am looking for one without the number pad on the righthand side, about the size of the keyboard on a  laptop.
There seem to be a lot to choose from.

Is it possible to buy one that connects via USB or BlueTooth?

All help welcome

Pele West

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