[BCAB] android or chrome os on a desktop?

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Hi Simon,
Good to mention few times @as I heard" because many things heard are story. 
First of all Win 10 is mature enough and ready to take the almost of your task needed from a computer. 
In terms of screen readers NVDA or Jaws, which you are untitled to obtain because Window Eyes is part of Freedom Scientific now, will be probably your next screen readers. 
I have no experience with Chrome OS but for sure I can say in terms of practical  work on computer Chrome is way below Windows as this time because integration with various very used programs. 
You'll have lots, and when I say lots are really lots of headaches learning and using Chrome then Windows 10 and Jaws or NVDA. 
The other hand it is incomparable more help available for Windows and Jaws/NVDA around internet then is for Chrome OS and Chromevox. 
Conclusion, any way taken will involve plenty of learning, but I strongly recommend to choose Windows 10 with one of the screen readers mentioned. 
And by the way, that kind of menu is not so skerry as the story circulate around.
Prepare your self for a bit of work and fruits come later.

Best Wishes,
Adrian Tamasan

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Subject: [BCAB] android or chrome os on a desktop?
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hello all, 
am currently running win7 on my desktop machine, but seemingly support for this is going to end this coming january. 
not only do I not really want windows 10, as I have just heard so many stories of access issues with it, especially when it comes to those pesky ribbon menus, but as my current screenreader is window-eyes, that seemingly won't work with it as well. 
so if I have got to change both my os and screenreader, rather than the win10 rout, I wondered if there is any sort of android desktop machine? 
as at least having used that on my samsung phone, if there is, I thought that may be a better rout to go. 
if that's not possible, another option that I am considering, is something like chrome os, again, if I can find that on a desktop machine, so am wondering if anyone has had any experience of this with it's screenreader, and range of apps? 
as I have heard a few good things about this, but don't really know that much about it. 


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