[BCAB] Windows Operating Systems

Life in Six Dots hello at lifeinsixdots.com
Thu Oct 10 12:55:33 BST 2019

Hi Roger,

If I remember correctly when Windows 10 was release the media said that it
was "here to stay in a big way". I haven't heard anything to the contrary.

I've owned a number of Dell computers over the years and know what you mean
about them. I'm currently enjoying the small-form-factor model from Asus, so
much I'm thinking of getting a laptop from them.

All the best, Paul

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In December my Dell desk top, which I hate with a passion, will be 2 years
old. I'm considering in January of  replacing it with a new desk top of a
more pleasing type for me.  Does anyone know if Microsoft are intending to
replace Windows 10 in the foreseeable future.


Many thanks Roger

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