[BCAB] Boom Box No Sound

Eleanor Martha Burke eleanormarthaburke at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 20:28:22 BST 2019

apologies I cannot resolve the issue and apologies if I am not using the correct name for the device. it is a USB audio recorder and cost me about £40 from RNIB. I have it sometime but it has not had a lot of use. it's simply stopped working! The battery is fine and when I turn it on the indicating light comes on. I checked to see if pause was on but it is not. I then thought I would try using headphones to see if the external speakers had gone. there is still no sound. I had loaned the device to someone who should I say has not great dexterity skills, and so I am simply wondering if maybe the USB Port has been damaged.Anyone got any suggestions, does it have to get relegated to the bin? I don't think it would be worth me spending money getting someone to get it working  again? here is the most stupid question of all! I don't suppose there's any kind of reset button anywhere on it. just interested to know if others have had these devices and if they've just stopped working the speakers I mean?


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