[BCAB] Whether it is Accessible or Useable that is the Question

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Fri Oct 11 11:13:00 BST 2019

Hi Vic,

That is exactly my point.  You can't blame web sites for lazy users, who
won't learn their screen reading tech.

I know some users who only go round web sites with arrow keys.  When I hear
it, it sounds painful to listen to.  Some don't even know the concepts of
headings.  Does that make a web site inaccessible if they don't know how to
use it?  Of course it doesn't.

I have used Dominoes on the web and through their app for years, and I
haven't found any accessibility issues with it thus far.

All the best


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Good day everyone

Determining whether or not a website is accessible or useable has always
been a difficult question for me. Several years ago I helped a bit with the
WCAG effort. At times it was obvious when a website wasn't accessible to a
person who had low vision or no vision, especially when adaptive or
assistive technologies needed to be used.

I also came across several examples of websites that were more difficult,
however with some investment in learning the basic text to speech software
navigation functions the experience became much more positive.

When a website uses embedded headings, tables, actual controls etc. it can
work very nicely if a person is comfortable using the text to speech
software functions to move between elements and navigate tables.

Now if a person wasn't able to invest the time in learning the adaptive or
assistive technology and issues complaints about websites not being useable
I have no idea where to put the blame. This is outside of having a learning
or cognitive disability of course.


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