[BCAB] Outlook oddity

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Fri Oct 11 11:38:50 BST 2019

Hi David,

This is usually when you have more than one copy of Outlook open at once,
and you alt tab to the second copy.

Close all instances of outlook with Alt+Tab and Alt+F4, then re-open it, and
the world will be round again.

Don't open multiple copies, remember to alt tab to it, rather than open it
from, say, the desktop.

All the best


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I have an occasional problem with outlook in that when I invoke it, I can't
navigate through folders, and even in the mail table view, it tells me there
are 0 items.

Using JAWS 2019 or NVDA, the same happens. As you can see, composing a new
message is no problem,





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