[BCAB] Seeing the cursor with JAWS

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Sat Oct 12 12:27:33 BST 2019

Hi Paul,

What you're looking for is Highlight Virtual PC Cursor.

Go into Settings when in your browser with JAWS Key and 6, then type
highlight in the search box.  It's about the fifth down.

Funnily enough, Steve Green said in another thread that screen readers have
been doing this for ages, and indeed JAWS has, but what he didn't tell us is
that the highlighting isn't very good.  My support worker says you really
have to look for it.

All the best


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Hi all,


On my macOS with VoiceOver a sighted person can see what I'm reading and how
I am interacting as they can actually see where the cursor is on a screen,
but they can't see the curse on my Windows machine with JAWS. Is it possible
for me to make the cursor visible for a sighted colleague, as it would help
to speed up the project. I can't seem to find anything when browsing through
the settings menu.


Many thanks, Paul


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