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Hi Ian,

Not quite the same, but I was trying to help someone a few days ago with a similar problem with VO speech coming out of the iPhone speaker not out of a connected audio device.  In his case it was the Bose Soundwear speaker but it sounds like the same problem you have with the Airpods.  He's still not managed to solve it.  If you find a solution, please let us know.

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I have just updated my iPad Air2 to 13.1.2 and am experiencing the following problems. 

1. My AirPods although showing as connected in settings are not producing VO speech. However, speech is audible via the speaker and with either lightning or 3.5 jack wired Ear-pods.

2. Although I have selected Daniel enhanced as my VO voice the one I’m hearing is Daniel compact. 

Has anyone else experienced these problems or can anyone suggest how to cure them please? 

With thanks.

Ian Macrae

ian.macrae1 at sky.com

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