[BCAB] Domain and email hosting recommendations

Life in Six Dots hello at lifeinsixdots.com
Sun Oct 13 09:20:58 BST 2019

Hi Lu,

I use two companies. UK2.net and GoDaddy. Both offer email only packages as
well as a number of hosting options.

UK2.net email hosting requires you to set up the account within your CHI
account and manually add an email address to which ever device you want to
receive your emails. This can be either IMAP or POP with or without SSL.

GoDaddy using Microsoft Exchange. Again setup the email account from your
GoDaddy account and then sign into the Exchange on your device.

Both the CHI Account on UK2 and the GoDaddy account are accessible for me,
and I'm a heavy braille user.

I will add that the Customer Service I have received from UK2.net over the
last fifteen years or so has been excellent. I've not need to use the
GoDaddy Customer Service so I can't speak about them.

There are plenty of other good hosting companies out there but I've not felt
the need to tried them.

I hope this helps some. If you have a specific question I'll try and answer

All the best, Paul

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I'm investigating costs to set up a domain, specifically to have a
customised domain name for email for my business. At this point, I'm not
necessarily looking to launch a website. 
I've checked out GoDaddy but I thought I'd ask for any recommendations on
here, as there are a few business owners on here. Will appreciate any
recommendations or advice. Thanks in advance.
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