[BCAB] Domain and email hosting recommendations

Mobeen Iqbal mobeeniqbal at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 10:17:53 BST 2019

Hi Lu.

We use Falcoda and Krystal for our hosting needs. Krystal have always 
been very helpful and accommodating as have Falcoda. The only gripe I 
have with falcoda is the fact they have a captcha to log in to the 
control panel, but if you have good hearing the audio one will get you in.



On 13/10/2019 09:20, Life in Six Dots wrote:
> Hi Lu,
> I use two companies. UK2.net and GoDaddy. Both offer email only packages as
> well as a number of hosting options.
> UK2.net email hosting requires you to set up the account within your CHI
> account and manually add an email address to which ever device you want to
> receive your emails. This can be either IMAP or POP with or without SSL.
> GoDaddy using Microsoft Exchange. Again setup the email account from your
> GoDaddy account and then sign into the Exchange on your device.
> Both the CHI Account on UK2 and the GoDaddy account are accessible for me,
> and I'm a heavy braille user.
> I will add that the Customer Service I have received from UK2.net over the
> last fifteen years or so has been excellent. I've not need to use the
> GoDaddy Customer Service so I can't speak about them.
> There are plenty of other good hosting companies out there but I've not felt
> the need to tried them.
> I hope this helps some. If you have a specific question I'll try and answer
> it.
> All the best, Paul
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> From: LU Ogbe <oluogbe at gmail.com>
> Sent: 12 October 2019 18:43
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> Subject: [BCAB] Domain and email hosting recommendations
> Hi,
> I'm investigating costs to set up a domain, specifically to have a
> customised domain name for email for my business. At this point, I'm not
> necessarily looking to launch a website.
> I've checked out GoDaddy but I thought I'd ask for any recommendations on
> here, as there are a few business owners on here. Will appreciate any
> recommendations or advice. Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> LU
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