[BCAB] Amazon Music HD (Sonos)

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Mon Oct 14 12:26:30 BST 2019


I don't think I ever said that Amazon HD was not supported on Sonos.

What I did say is HD is not Hi Res, and people are confusing it.  HD is only CD quality.  I did say that Sonos will support nothing above 16-bit, CD quality, whereas others, Bluesound, Naim, to name just two, do support those higher bit rates.

Amazon HD will also only support CD quality music.

All the best


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Steve & All,

I’ve noted that its been commented that Amazon’s Music HD service is not supported by Sonos, yet, this support article from Sonos Support states that it is:


Is there a reason why the view has circulated that it will not work on Sonos, I’m just curious before going to the effort of trying!


Neil Barnfather

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