[BCAB] music services

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Mon Oct 14 13:54:11 BST 2019

Hi all,

Regarding your question of 60s music though John, if they produce it
directly from the master tapes, it can still be better than CD quality.  But
I agree, if you can't hear the difference, then it's not worth worrying
about, but I know I went the right route for me, when I went Bluesound and
then Qobuz as my music service.  It is like night and day compared with
Bluesound on Spotify for examp.le, Qobuz is way better.  But if you can't
hear the difference, then as I say, no point worrying, I am a bit of a hi-fi
snob to be honest, I have good ears and feel I should reward them.

When we first started and it was all MP3, it used to make my ears bleed, and
everyone said how convenient it was to be able to store music that way.  But
we are reaching a point again now where people care about quality of music.

All the best

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hi ibrahim

yes i also got some very good headphones maybe the version before yours
because i don't have the voice services in them but the sound is very very
good indeed. 

if i ask to play the amazon hd playlist it does sound very good what i must
do inn december is see whether it's worth paying extra for the hd. 

as jacky says you have to be aware of all the cost. 

like the chap up our road every time a new car comes out he has to have it.
does he go anywhere in it no he does not. i do read a lot though from what
hifi and tech advisor and some of the articles are very interesting indeed.
i bet if i went in to the nearest seven oaks audio they would not be able to
show me very high res music on their speakers. 

also for me a lot of music i listen ! is back in the 1960's so you will
never get it to sound brilliant. 

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