[BCAB] very high res music services

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Mon Oct 14 16:00:30 BST 2019

Hi John,

Qobuz, Tidal and Deeza are the only three music services to my knowledge, that do real high res music.

Also, Tidal now has more tracks available than Spotify, as do Qobuz and Deeza.

But all three of those are more expensive than Spotify.

As I say, unless you really want high res music and think you can tell the difference, then it's neither here nor there.

All the best


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hi steve

so, would it only be quobuz and tidal that do this very very high music high res audio. also, it must be their highest level aprox £20 per month. 

i would really love to try it somehow. i think one can have a trial but, i would need a good high res speaker of course. 

just for me i cannot tell a lot of difference between listening to music on my sonos and then having the amazon hd maybe if i could hear what the very very high res audio is like i would be able to tell the difference. 

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