[BCAB] Working Along Side with Someone Able to See the Screen

Vic Pereira vic.pereira at virn.ca
Mon Oct 14 19:03:27 BST 2019


This is an interesting discussion, because as I take the time to reminisce a
bit, it was quite the effort when I moved from MS DOS to a Windows based
environment at work. I evaluated every text to speech screen reader I could
get a hold of, JFW, WinVision, Windows Bridge, Window-Eyes and ASAW. I'm not
sure if I got that last one right. Several of these, if not all, were just
entering the graphical user interface realm so stability was an issue.

My job had me working with sighted people and at times I would have to put
on presentations or teach classes to help people transition into new
environments. Back then I ended up going with Window-Eyes, since the WE
Mouse Pointer moved the physical/visual mouse pointer as well making it
easier for people to follow along. At that time, JFW didn't move the mouse
pointer when using the JAWS cursor which made it a challenge to work in a
sighted setting.

This was a common issue I came across where it appeared as if the developers
of text to speech screen readers thought we worked alone in a closed room
with someone sliding a pizza under the door with a bottle of orange crush
once a day, then hosing us down once a week. Later on, probably just before
GW Micro and Freedom Scientific became part of one entity is when they were
getting it right.


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