[BCAB] Idiots guide to audacity for screen reader users

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Tue Oct 15 20:31:15 BST 2019

Of course it is a mailing list for blind users. 
It is called Audacity4blind if you Google it.
I will recommend you to work with files copied from your Victor Reader Streem but not straight into the reader. 
Copy first the files what you wish tu work upon and use them in Audacity for what ever you wish to accomplish and then copy them back to you player. 
A guide for Audacity with screen readers is available here:

Hope to help you.
Adrian Tamasan
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Hi All,

I want to be able to plug a device into my computer, say victor reader stream, and use audacity to:

1.  Record all from input device and then 2. Chop up the recording into tracks and save as mp3;

I think audacity will help me to do this, but I have no idea where to start.

In Control Panel, Sounds, and Devices within audacity, plugging a device into the socket on the windows 10 PC changes the status from nothing connected so I presume this is recognised.  However, if I play through the device, how do I hear it on the computer so that audacity can manipulate it?

Perhaps there is a specific mailing list for absolute beginners?

Any help much appreciated.

Kind regards


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