[BCAB] Idiots guide to audacity for screen reader users

David Bailes drbailes at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 15:23:58 BST 2019

Hi Phil,
like Adrian, I would suggest joining the Audacity4Blind mailing list. There
are full details of how to join in the introduction of the guide which
Adrian mentioned.

One way to  break an audio file into a number individual tracks would be to
create a label with a suitable name at the start of each section which you
want to become a separate file, and then use the command export multiple to
export these sections to separate mp3 files. The following are a few notes
on that, but you'll probably have further questions which the
Audacity4Blind list will be glad to answer.

For creating labels, there's a setting that is worth changing which makes
creating labels easier for those using screen readers. In the track
behaviors category of the Preferences dialog, there's a use dialog for the
name of a new label check box, which is unchecked by default. You should
check this.
Then you can create a label at the cursor position by pressing Ctrl + B.

During playback you can stop playback and set the cursor to the position
where you stopped by pressing the letter X.

To open the Export multiple dialog, open the File menu, open the Export sub
menu, and choose Export multiple. In the dialog you can set the format to
MP3, and choose a folder for the files.


original message:

Hi All,

I want to be able to plug a device into my computer, say victor reader
stream, and use audacity to:

1.  Record all from input device and then
2. Chop up the recording into tracks and save as mp3;

I think audacity will help me to do this, but I have no idea where to start.

In Control Panel, Sounds, and Devices within audacity, plugging a device
into the socket on the windows 10 PC changes the status from nothing
connected so I presume this is recognised.  However, if I play through the
device, how do I hear it on the computer so that audacity can manipulate it?

Perhaps there is a specific mailing list for absolute beginners?

Any help much appreciated.

Kind regards


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