[BCAB] Problems With Tesco App With IOS 13

Andy Collins chitchat121 at icloud.com
Fri Oct 18 20:55:02 BST 2019

Caroline – all I can do is confirm I am having exactly the same experience under 13.1.3 on my iPhone 8. I don’t usually shop that way, because most of what I want is already in my favourites, so I can’t pinpoint exactly when it became a problem, and whether it is actually a result of a Tesco app update?
Andy Collins

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> On 18 Oct 2019, at 8:10 pm, Caroline Ford <caroline at ford82.plus.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I sometimes use the Tesco app on my iPhone SE.  Under IOS 12 it worked very
> well, but now I've unfortunately upgraded to IOS 13.1.3, I'm experiencing a
> major problem.  On the home screen, if I select Browse All Groceries, I
> would expect to be able to move through various categories, such as frozen
> food, household, etc, but all I'm presented with now is a screen full of
> unlabelled buttons.
> I've checked with someone else, also using an iPhone SE, who is still
> running IOS 12 and who is on the same version of the Tesco app as me
> (released a couple of days ago) and they do not have this problem.
> Does anyone have any suggestions about what we can do?  I have sent a
> message to Tesco through the app, but I wonder whether anyone knows of a way
> to target the people who need to be aware of this more directly.  In all
> other respects, such as moving through favourites, the app still seems to
> work well, but it's just browsing which has now become a bit of a lottery as
> it's not possible to know which section you've landed on until you
> double-click on it, only to find that the name of the section then appears
> at the top of the screen, but all the sub-sections underneath it are
> unlabelled buttons again.
> Thanks,
> Caroline.
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