[BCAB] Upgrading from Windows 7

Jim Williams jwuspaceman at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 11:23:26 BST 2019

Hi Mo Et Al,

Sorry folks.

Confucious say: Put brain in gear before approaching keyboard.

Yes it isWindows 10 I wish to upgrade to before the end of the year. And 
Andrew points out that Office 2010 (which I already have) has support ending 
next year, and I use JAWS 18.

Must sign off now, the men in the white coats are breaking down the door.


Jim Williams.

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> Hi Jim.
> I assume you mean office 2013 as opposed to windows 2013? In my opinion, 
> you can either stay where you are on 2007 or upgrade. It all depends on 
> what features of office you need access to. Windows 10 will work fine with 
> 2007, I know of a few people using it quite happily. The windows upgrade 
> itself should not present any issues as long as you're on the latest 
> version of jaws. If you need a hand with it, drop me a note off list.
> Cheers,
> Mo.
> On 21/10/2019 09:49, Jim Williams wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am about to take the plunge and upgrade my desktop and laptop from 
>> Windows 7.
>> There was some discussion on this list about how high a level to which it 
>> is possible to go with the upgrade. There was  several comments about 
>> avoiding Windows 13 but it be too big a jump to go from 7 to 16?
>>   Jim Williams.
>> www.JamesLWilliams.co.uk
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