[BCAB] Election Day In Canada

Brian K. Lingard bkl at ncf.ca
Mon Oct 21 12:25:21 BST 2019

As you may know, today is Election Day in Canada, where all people age 18
and older, including those incarcerated for serial sex slayings such as Paul
Bernardo, Clifford Olson  and Robert Picton, get to vote in the next bunch
who will borrow our Dominion into Poverty.
This year, the Polls show the Liberal, Conservative and New Democratic Party
area all running at about 30% of the vote so we may have a minority
government which may need to form a coalition with another party to win
votes of confidence.
The uk equivalent parties are Conservatives, Liberal and Labor, the N. D.P.
has deep roots in organized labor.
The liberals love borrowing money like it is tap water, sticking our great
great grandchildren with the cost of Government today.
In 1961, Tommy Douglas, won a Provincial election in Saskatchewan. A big
plank in his platform was publicly financed health care. The Douglas family
had to scramble to raise the money for an operation Tommy's Father required.
In 1962, Tommy Douglas, a member of the N. D. P. walked into the Legislature
to announce he had a bill called M-E-D-I-C-A-R-E. His Healthcare plans. Some
Doctors said it was Communist, they would have none of it. Others said it
might be good.
Tommy showed the legislature a large stack of letters from British Doctors
who said they would love to practice under his plan.
Within a couple of years, all provinces & Territories had publicly paid for
health care as does the USA, but only for the disabled an aged.
This election, the N. D. P. are proposing Pharmaceutical, dental, vision and
hearing care be paid for by government. If they become the Government, we
may get these.
Can you say the N. H. S. Arrives in the Dominion of Canada?
Could shame the Americans to bring in Medicare for all.
Brian K. Lingard

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