[BCAB] Upgrading from Windows 7

Agent Orange agentorange at talktalk.net
Mon Oct 21 12:30:04 BST 2019

Brian, are you a screen reader user?  If so, do you use your screen reader
exclusively ie without any visual use of the screen at all?


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Dear Jim, MO & List:

I run office 2013 on one pc and 2016 on this workstation. Do yourself a
favor and upgrade to Office 2019, the latest. The spelling & grammar
checkers are much Improved and it can also use OneDrive.
Brian K. Lingard

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Hi Jim.

I assume you mean office 2013 as opposed to windows 2013? In my opinion, you
can either stay where you are on 2007 or upgrade. It all depends on what
features of office you need access to. Windows 10 will work fine with 2007,
I know of a few people using it quite happily. The windows upgrade itself
should not present any issues as long as you're on the latest version of
jaws. If you need a hand with it, drop me a note off list.



On 21/10/2019 09:49, Jim Williams wrote:
> Hi,
> I am about to take the plunge and upgrade my desktop and laptop from
Windows 7.
> There was some discussion on this list about how high a level to which it
is possible to go with the upgrade. There were several comments about
avoiding Windows 13 but it be too big a jump to go from 7 to 16?
> Jim Williams.
> www.JamesLWilliams.co.uk

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