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Hi Brian and thanks for that,

I think Tommy is the grandfather of Jack Bowers if that is the same guy 
who won Greatest Canadian a few years back.


On 21/10/2019 12:25, Brian K. Lingard wrote:
> As you may know, today is Election Day in Canada, where all people age 18
> and older, including those incarcerated for serial sex slayings such as Paul
> Bernardo, Clifford Olson  and Robert Picton, get to vote in the next bunch
> who will borrow our Dominion into Poverty.
> This year, the Polls show the Liberal, Conservative and New Democratic Party
> area all running at about 30% of the vote so we may have a minority
> government which may need to form a coalition with another party to win
> votes of confidence.
> The uk equivalent parties are Conservatives, Liberal and Labor, the N. D.P.
> has deep roots in organized labor.
> The liberals love borrowing money like it is tap water, sticking our great
> great grandchildren with the cost of Government today.
> In 1961, Tommy Douglas, won a Provincial election in Saskatchewan. A big
> plank in his platform was publicly financed health care. The Douglas family
> had to scramble to raise the money for an operation Tommy's Father required.
> In 1962, Tommy Douglas, a member of the N. D. P. walked into the Legislature
> to announce he had a bill called M-E-D-I-C-A-R-E. His Healthcare plans. Some
> Doctors said it was Communist, they would have none of it. Others said it
> might be good.
> Tommy showed the legislature a large stack of letters from British Doctors
> who said they would love to practice under his plan.
> Within a couple of years, all provinces & Territories had publicly paid for
> health care as does the USA, but only for the disabled an aged.
> This election, the N. D. P. are proposing Pharmaceutical, dental, vision and
> hearing care be paid for by government. If they become the Government, we
> may get these.
> Can you say the N. H. S. Arrives in the Dominion of Canada?
> Could shame the Americans to bring in Medicare for all.
> Brian K. Lingard
> V

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