[BCAB] Voice Dream writer app heading level questions

chantal hampson chantalhampson at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 21 20:19:40 BST 2019

Hi all,
Firstly may I just say a huge thanks to all of you for helping me so far especially with Icloud.
Now I have successfully accessed my writer files on my PC so many thanks to Ian for his assistance there.
However, I now have a problem in the sense that when I open the text file on PC it is not retaining the mark down ie heading levels etc despite the fact that I placed the  correct symbols in writer to gain  heading levels which do show up in the outline feature of the Voice dream writer.
Equally, i have discovered that if I export the  file to other formats e.g plain text with markdown, rtf and ms word the headings aren't not present there either, but if I export as html the heading levels work fine.
Finally, I believe that if I export the file and save it in icloud drive it will not sink across automatically to my P.c which is my aim to keep both versions up to date but my question is how can I make sure that the heading levels are retained in the icloud copy so I am able to navigate to my various sections which I've marked with headings using insert f6 etc?
Many thanks
kind regards

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