[BCAB] Problems With Tesco App With IOS 13

Ian Robinson ian228 at hotmail.co.uk
Tue Oct 22 10:42:27 BST 2019

Hi Caroline,

I received an update for the Tesco app this morning and the buttons for various departments are now spoken by VoiceOver again.



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I sometimes use the Tesco app on my iPhone SE.  Under IOS 12 it worked very well, but now I've unfortunately upgraded to IOS 13.1.3, I'm experiencing a major problem.  On the home screen, if I select Browse All Groceries, I would expect to be able to move through various categories, such as frozen food, household, etc, but all I'm presented with now is a screen full of unlabelled buttons.

I've checked with someone else, also using an iPhone SE, who is still running IOS 12 and who is on the same version of the Tesco app as me (released a couple of days ago) and they do not have this problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what we can do?  I have sent a message to Tesco through the app, but I wonder whether anyone knows of a way to target the people who need to be aware of this more directly.  In all other respects, such as moving through favourites, the app still seems to work well, but it's just browsing which has now become a bit of a lottery as it's not possible to know which section you've landed on until you double-click on it, only to find that the name of the section then appears at the top of the screen, but all the sub-sections underneath it are unlabelled buttons again.


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