[BCAB] Reformatting as FAT32

Agent Orange agentorange at talktalk.net
Fri Oct 25 08:30:08 BST 2019

Can anyone recommend a utility, reliable and accessible with a screen
reader, that will enable me to easily format a 128GB micro SD card as FAT32?

I have been having intermittent problems over some years whenever I need to
do this, and I'm starting to wonder whether they might be due in part to the
utility I have been using to do it.  It is just called FAT 32 Format.  When
I use this utility to reformat an SD or micro SD card to FAT32 the card
seems to play up afterwards with various symptoms including being "locked"
or not being visible to the card reader.

Just wondering if there any alternative utilities out there that will do
this.  I am using Win 7 64.

Any recommendations welcome, thanks


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