[BCAB] Is Anyone Using the eventbrite Website?

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Hi Karl, 

I find that  some organisations are more responsive on Twitter. So if you've
got a Twitter account, might want to drop them a line @eventbritehelp link



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The Eventbrite website provides information about a whole range of events
taking place and provides a means for booking to attend.  I have been able
to book onto some events which are free because the process is relatively

However, when you have to pay to book a place, the process is ten times more
complicated.  Eventbrite times you as you try to set up your booking and
stops your progress after, I think it's 12 minutes.  The time goes quickly
if you don't understand the steps of the process or if you make a mistake
putting in your card details and have to start that again.  I think PayPal
would be quicker in this context but I don't think I can find a way to elect
to use PayPal rather than my debit card.

Eventbrite is often the only way to book for an event so, if you can't
complete your booking that way, you may not be able to get in.  I got an
address to write to in sunny old California concerning problems I had some
weeks ago but my email and expected reply are taking longer than a snail
rowing the Atlantic.  And just think, I had to shell out for that particular

Karl Farrell (not too shy to say who I am)

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