[BCAB] Strange Windows

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Fri Oct 25 16:43:57 BST 2019


Best thing honestly is to verify with a sighted person what is coming up,
then we can deal with it.

All the best


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Hi Everyone

I am using Windows 7 with Window-eyes, JAWS or NVDA. I know I need to stop
using Window-Eyes, but I still like it.

However, when I unload Window-Eyes, load JAWS 2019 or NVDA, do whatever it
is I want to do that does not work with Window-Eyes, unload JAWS 2019 or
NVDA and reload Window-Eyes there seems to be something covering the screen
that means I can't see the whole window. This is particularly noticeable
when I launch the Becky! e-mail program. The only way I have found to get
rid of whatever it is is to reboot.

Does anyone know what is going on and how I can stop it without having to
reboot each time.

Please don't tell me to upgrade to Windows 10, I am thinking about it.

Pele West

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