[BCAB] setting up outlook 2019 on windows 10

Phil Smalley phil.smalley at whitecane.plus.com
Sun Oct 27 18:19:37 GMT 2019


I have office 2019 installed on my windows 10 computer, including outlook
2019.  I had assistance to complete the initial installation from Microsoft
Accessibility Support.

I have currently got this configured to access a PLUS NET email account.
I'd firstly like to remove this using keystrokes with JAWS 2018.

Once this account has been removed, I will add an account to access my gmail
account.  I have already had sighted assistance to enable lower security to
afford outlook access to the gmail account.

So, the question is:

Using JAWS 2018, how do I remove an existing account in Outlook 2019 please?

Many thanks in advance.


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