[BCAB] more disapointment with bbc alexa skill.

goshawk on horseback goshawk_on_horseback at fastmail.co.uk
Mon Oct 28 08:40:00 GMT 2019

hello all, 
just a further update to the bbc skill conversation that was on here a couple of weeks back I think it was. 
well, then I sent in an e-mail that I received, about it not working with multiroom playback, or third devices, such as echo link or echo sub, but now I have found something even more disappointing and I would say shoddy about it. 
it won't even work with pares of echoes. 
I have a pare of echo plus second gen speakers, plus the echo sub. 
well, when I tried it out, I knew already that it wouldn't work through the sub, but was then even more disappointed when the sound would only come out of one of the echo plus speakers, so couldn't even get stereo. 
I tried it out with a couple of stations as well as the show that I originally used it for, just to make sure it was consistently happening, and not just a one off, and sound from only one speaker every time. 
so thought I would pass this on. 
I know if I leave a review about this skill, it will not be a good one. 


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