[BCAB] setting up outlook 2019 on windows 10

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Mon Oct 28 08:50:11 GMT 2019


Alt, followed by F, then I, then A.  Now select the account you want to
remove, with the arrow keys, pressing enter on the account.  Next, tab to
Account Settings menu, then select Account Settings again, then you can
remove it.

But bear in mind that you must create another account before you can remove
the account.  If you have one single account, it will be the default one, so
you need to create the new account first and make it default.

All the best


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I have office 2019 installed on my windows 10 computer, including outlook
2019.  I had assistance to complete the initial installation from Microsoft
Accessibility Support.

I have currently got this configured to access a PLUS NET email account.
I'd firstly like to remove this using keystrokes with JAWS 2018.

Once this account has been removed, I will add an account to access my gmail
account.  I have already had sighted assistance to enable lower security to
afford outlook access to the gmail account.

So, the question is:

Using JAWS 2018, how do I remove an existing account in Outlook 2019 please?

Many thanks in advance.


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